Did Google Just Make the Easiest Way to Scan Photos Ever?

Google PhotoScan Review

Google released a new app today called PhotoScan.  I saw the video below pop up on Twitter and it made the app seem pretty amazing. I couldn't wait to give it a try and few hours later I was able to download the app and give it a whirl.

I think its pretty apparent from the two examples below but I won't be throwing my scanner in the trash anytime soon. The app itself is quick and easy to use. When you start the app puts a few focus points on the image you choose to scan you move another circle onto those points and you've got the image scanned. It claims to be better than just taking a picture of a picture with your phone. That seems to be true because in my testing I didn't encounter any glare as advertised and the images were more like an actual scan in terms of being flat. Sometimes when you take a photo of a photo and the angle is slightly off its pretty obvious you just took a picture of it. The app solves this problem proficiently. 

However, if you're just looking to post a quick scan of an old photo this app is perfect for that. For the average consumer this app is a must have if you plan on posting old photo and don't want to waste your time scanning them in. Google advertises that its a good way to back up all of your old photos but I would recommend taking a rainy day and actually scanning them in so they retain the best quality possible. For a professional, this isn't going to match the quality of a mid level scanner let alone a full blown professional scanner. That is the only part of the advertisement below that is a little misleading. Also the integration with Google Photos on my Android phone could be a bit more streamlined but that can be fixed with a software update.

So overall, if you're looking to have a super quick way to get some old photos on your phone in relatively decent quality this app is worth a try! The photos below that I scanned were 8x10 so let me know how you feel about the quality if you scan in some 4x6s. Like I said before its pretty mediocre compared to scanning the original negative and I think the images below illustrate that.  This app is more of a novelty than a professional solution but the software is taking us one step closer to a truly amazing future.

Photos Scanned with the PhotoScan App

Negatives Scanned with Epson Scanner

American Indian Movement of Ohio #DAPL Protest - Cleveland, Ohio

The American Indian Movement of Ohio set up a protest a few days ago at Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Some people traveled hours to come to the protest. I will have a video edited shortly for The Vindicator but in the mean time check out some of these videos that explain what's going in North Dakota. 

disclaimer: I realize all these videos are from the same source. It is important to get information from multiple sources. These videos are just a good place to start and contain stories that I feel will allow people to emotionally connect to the situation.

Harley Quinn Cosplay

I know I missed posting this on Halloween but enjoy a fun Harley Quinn Cosplay shoot I did with Rebecca and Stephanie! They did a awesome job with their costumes! Also Rebecca made a stencil for my costume and it turned out awesome! 

Christmas in Cleveland

I enjoyed Christmas in Cleveland today by longboarding around and snapping photos of all the interesting things I came across! What a crazy time to be alive. Right now the Cavs are winning and the Indians just scored! If you're not from Cleveland I hope someday you get to experience something like we have this year with your sports teams. A lot of people don't care about sports but the way the Cavs brought everyone together was such an uplifting experience. It felt like everyone was family after they won and sort of during the parade. There were more issues at the parade but that's another story. I love how these two guys were cutting hair outside The Q. Cleveland is always hustling. Just so you know, I thought the picture of the guy in the Cubs costume was just hilarious, he was cool about letting me take his photo so I hate to capture it! I wonder if there as many Cubs fans in Cleveland as there were Toronto fans today? The one night I went out and there were literally more Blue Jays fans than Cleveland fans. I saw more Indians fans today for sure. Anyway, If you're a Cleveland fan or in Cleveland I hope you got to enjoy today either by watching the games or actually being downtown. Go Tribe! and Go Cavs! Also I hope Jim Thome gets to throw out the first pitch for one of the games. Great seeing Kenny! Those guys are from when I really was in love with baseball and they will always have a special place in my heart. Comment your favorite Cleveland moment ever below! Mine was running through the streets after the Cavs won the championship. It still doesn't feel real.

Modern Baseball @ Bad Racket

Modern Baseball came by Bad Racket to record some music! They were nice enough to let me take some photos! This is really awesome for the studio and I'm super proud of the hard work James, Hunter, and Henri have put into keep everything up and running. Keep an eye out for Live From Bad Racket videos coming soon! I posted two of my favorite Modern Baseball songs below!

I Got to Photograph the President of the USA!

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the President of the United States of America!! I'm glad I got to see him while he's still the president. This election has made me very thankful for his thoughtful leadership and charm for sure. I think we will all look back and appreciate the 8 years we had with you. Whether or not your were happy with Obama or not please be sure to go out and vote. If you're able vote early do it! This way people who can't make it early can have a quicker time getting through the polls on election day! Also thanks to Louis for bringing me my CF card because I'm an idiot.