Ingenuity Fest 2016

Ingenuity Fest this year was amazing. Music, art, science, comedy, and creativity all around. Not to mention giant swings and giant robots. The new location was great as well. It really allowed everything to flow well. I had the chance to take some photos of some great musical acts like Sweepyheads, Leggy, Goldmines, Price Rama, Fake Species & Times10, and many more! Jul gave us a shout out when we were at his set so that also made my day. I also was lucky enough to accidentally stumbled across the comedy stage. I haven't laughed that loud in public for a long time. I got to enjoy some acts like headliner Brian Kenny, John Burton, Cody Cooper, and more! Hunter and I helped out with the Unsuccessful Wrestling installation and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who came out and gave it a try! Be sure to support this event and show everyone involved some love. Keep awesome things like this going in Cleveland.