Christmas in Cleveland

I enjoyed Christmas in Cleveland today by longboarding around and snapping photos of all the interesting things I came across! What a crazy time to be alive. Right now the Cavs are winning and the Indians just scored! If you're not from Cleveland I hope someday you get to experience something like we have this year with your sports teams. A lot of people don't care about sports but the way the Cavs brought everyone together was such an uplifting experience. It felt like everyone was family after they won and sort of during the parade. There were more issues at the parade but that's another story. I love how these two guys were cutting hair outside The Q. Cleveland is always hustling. Just so you know, I thought the picture of the guy in the Cubs costume was just hilarious, he was cool about letting me take his photo so I hate to capture it! I wonder if there as many Cubs fans in Cleveland as there were Toronto fans today? The one night I went out and there were literally more Blue Jays fans than Cleveland fans. I saw more Indians fans today for sure. Anyway, If you're a Cleveland fan or in Cleveland I hope you got to enjoy today either by watching the games or actually being downtown. Go Tribe! and Go Cavs! Also I hope Jim Thome gets to throw out the first pitch for one of the games. Great seeing Kenny! Those guys are from when I really was in love with baseball and they will always have a special place in my heart. Comment your favorite Cleveland moment ever below! Mine was running through the streets after the Cavs won the championship. It still doesn't feel real.