Michael Symon's Mabel's in Downtown Cleveland

I was lucky enough, through Cleveland Magazine, to head into Michael Symon’s new restaurant Mabel’s and take some photos! It was a really exciting experience to get to photograph someone who is extremely talented and successful at their craft. Hopefully, I can continue to take these type of portraits because this style of portraiture is always interesting and challenging. 

Capturing a portrait of someone doing what they love in cramped and stressful environment is thrilling to me. Michael and the Mabel’s staff was extremely accommodating and supportive of me and I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality.

Every time I’ve been by there or been into the restaurant its been packed. I’ve seen a lot of people on my social media feed saying they have enjoyed their experiences as well. So it is definitely one of the hottest restaurants in Cleveland right now.

The food I was lucky enough to try was amazing! I've gotten to eat there muliple times now and have been overwhelmed with the quality of my meals.


Not to mention the food I was lucky enough to try was amazing. I’ve gotten to eat there twice now and have been overwhelmed with how great the food is. I can’t even really explain it you’ll just have to go try it for yourself!